Arrival and Day in Homeland

The picture of a out-door thermometer is here to make a point. I was clearly told that the temperatures in Poland were as high as 35 degrees… I felt so cheated… Bottom line I was happy to be back in my homeland, which I missed very, very dearly.

    So I am here!  I have landed about one o’clock in the afternoon and this Journal idea has been bouncing around for couple hours now.  I tried doing something similar some years back and I failed.  Intention is for this time to be different.

    I have to get something out before I can enjoy the rest of the stay.  What is with the temperature?  I was packing for thirty plus weather.  Now back to the topic at hand.  The flight from Helsinki to my Birth-Country was decent, even though slept through most of it.  The snack they have served, on board of the second flight, was very nice.  One can, right away, notice the quality improvement of cheese (from cheddar, that is) right away.  However, nothing compares to home cooked food, viva-las-Grannies cooking!

    Something changed.  I cannot put my finger on it, and although natural things grew and man-made things shrunk there is a profound difference in my experience of Poland.  I hope it will not skew my perception.  Was I that long away, that even things, that have been burned into my memory as a child, have faded to the point that my attachment is to the paper they were on.