Curriculum Vita: The Debate over Life (Part III)

One of those days when heart to heart needed limited help. I have to say that it didn’t look half as scary when I was sitting in front of it. This tavern style enterprise is located on “Chmielna street”. Street that I spend most of my childhood on, till I was about six years old and we moved. Good memories, terrifyingly small flat though.

So what matters when your looking for the magical nirvana? Skip nirvana, I just and simply want to be happy. I have not matured to the point as to give up all my dreams for some coins and a promised of steady future, but I don’t want to be hungry like I have been couple days of my life. Even more importantly I will do all I can to prevent my family from reaching that state, “All” I can do.

It has appeared to me that until you get recognized by your peers as a master in your discipline, you are going have to beg or steal to survive. What is… or how do you achieve mastery? I have tried to think about people that in my surrounding I would consider masters. As far as I can tell they all do something that they love (or closely related), they all have been doing it forever and they have sacrificed one for the other (careers or family).

I have poured into this blog my confusion about family, love and now this. I am sure, that I will prioritize my family over work, me or money. I know now, that I would like to have one, but I have to feed them (or at least do my part in it). I’m too restless to be a trophy husband (stay-home dad is a whole different story, I’m quite fine with that notion).

I have dreams that come with perfect jobs, which unfortunately can/will take many years to master. I can do any number of things, I feel that flexibility and problem solving are my to biggest strengths. Thus, there is probably some job (that I will love) that pays amazingly-well and one (I would die for) that pays poorly. So, how does one squeeze his entire existence into two pages in such a way that would protect his future family? Especially, from the not so conferrable moments of seeing food you can’t afford when your hungry that day.