Reflections on the flight

What you looking at is the reminder of my dinner from the flight JFK (NYC) to Helsinki on board of Finnair. Water, salad, coffee and red wine (Shiraz)… as main course chicken breast with rice and vegetables. Overcooked and way to oily to be healthy, tasty non the less.

    Every time I stand on the ground my thoughts wonder about the people flying above me.  Now that my royal behind was lifted hundreds of meters of the ground, in this oversized sardine can, I wondered about the life of the people below me.

    The take off was interesting, about forty stories above ground the fog turned so white and thick, sour cream would have been more appropriate as a descriptor.  To-be ant towns disappeared before they had the chance to shrink to the insect size.  Once again I was left to my own lovely self.  I know you know, but now I learned too: me, myself and I don’t go along great when bored.

    I entertained myself three fold.  Food and sleep were very effective, at lower temperature and pressure the dreams get nicely vivid, and NO! I have not smoked VC before take off.

    Second was the great read of the “Art of Loving”, although the first couple pages are…., the book quickly picks up speed.  I’m going say it for the last time, before an actual discussion of the content, I strongly recommended to everyone.

    Third was a post-it conversation with a fourteen year old synchronized swimmer going home for the summer.  Post-it conversation is exactly what it sounds, a post-it pad, a pen and a person sitting behind you so there is no chance for eye contact.  We got to multi-thread and rather complex conversation of existence and American vs European systems.  Brilliant “kid” (not condescending, decade younger though =).

    I like Finnair and with the relatively lucky prices I’m willing to look them up again.