That, what Makes a Difference “Today”

This is one of those moments when the whole [plane ticket] outrages prices are forgotten. This is one of the sunsets that makes the whole thirteen hour flight all worth it. This was one of the sunsets that made me wish I had a 400 mm lens and a stop time machine, to make it last forever, this was perfect.

    Today, yesterday, tomorrow, any day, it does not matter.  There are some days during which something happens and as a result you forget, you forget it all.  What is that thing?  That little thing, which has the power to make you feel like you have just woken up from a dream and the reality is just as amazing.  I pondered about happiness for ages now.  Since I have little concise influence on the Universe, but each and very action has “butterfly effect” consequence, happiness seemed worth the thought.

    I remember several sunsets, the few which I have not spend alone are especially dear to me.  I remember violent thunderstorms, raising full-moons (while the moon is still big and orange) and the smiles that have been given away free of any obligations.  During those times, nothing matters, all just blends together and I like it.

    Yesterday, on my way back home I saw “it”.  There is a fumble picture of “it” above.   It was sinking to fast for me to be able to hold it.  There was warmth, and striking power beating from it, just as if I could feel the fission explosions on its surface that produced the glow eight minutes ago.

    I tried to keep my eye open as long as I could, not to miss any of it.  When I finally turned away from its majestic radiance all seemed dark, cold, grey and insignificant.  Only by turning my face back at “it” I could regain the merciful peace.

    What is happiness and how does one obtain it?  If all I know is that I want to stay warm and as far as I can from the overreaching darkness, creeping shadows and cold wind tying my ankles together (so I won’t be able to run away).  I know what I felt was real, I know what I need, but how to obtain it, how to protect it and how to never loose it again?  Sunsets are unfortunately as perfect as they are short.  I got years to go (before I get as deep as I am tall), how to fill in the blanks between then?