Best Legal Money Scams: Politics (Part III)

So there is something I do not remember seeing in US, public, payed and very clean bathrooms. Entry at about 75 cents (after conversion). When I was planing for this entry it seemed as an appropriate picture as the urinals are clean and not separated. One enters with a dignifies respect for other users to be decent. With everything very clean, available all over town. You got to pee…

I have to be honest. Lately I felt as if I had my emotional and psychological health smashed by a blunt “white” weapon. That was the reason for uploading all the topics a while back. I did not want to upload to many entries at a time for that same reason. I’m trying to be objective in my writing, but by the simple merit of this being my thoughts poured on paper, so to speak, it will never be without a bit of Jan.

By no means it is not a bad thing and I think that what makes what I write interesting for you to read. It is the fact that you are reading me (my thoughts, my conclusions, my life) with the angel-sweet sugar coating on top and hell-fire burned bottom, that is honest. It was created as the name suggests as my version, with the blog initially begin the latest version of what and how I see things.

That said, I would like to believe that I am doing you a dis-service if I was going to give you an entry about something that has not yet matured in my head. There were several pieces written, over the past seven weeks or so, that were emotional in nature. Written under an impulse and with a clear feeling of purpose. Those pieces, however where written because the principles that have been harmed were, in my humble opinion, matured enough.

Thus we arrive at our entry for today. I have written this piece several times (each time following this vague constraint of space and feeling) just as I written the two other pieces from this series. There is the following problem though, I do not feel as strongly convinced that what I’m writing I’m willing to “burn in hell” for as the religion one is, nor I want to force a radical change as if in the case of the university food one.

Today I feel as if my objectivity is again being supported by my mental strength, strength which lately has been stretched thin. I do not think I am yet back to my normal self, but I can say, once again “I’m peachy” without feeling as if I am lying. I will think the politics issue over and attempt a re-post, the moment I am willing to, also, run for office to change that what I am so offended by.