Liberty, Freedom of Press with Courage Gratis

This picture… I still don’t know how I feel about. It was taken on graveyard. The green stuff grew all over the main panel and the “headrest” Nothing but this face was visible. It is not eccentric, problematic nor crying for attention. Person seems deep in thought, sad but not mourning… Peculiar, I do not know the feeling in causes in me, I feel anxious looking at it, as if I should consider life too?

    There is a general issue in the US (as well as other countries).  A serious one too.  The exact same issue happens to happen in China, but there it just had reached a ridiculously high and scary level.   There is the issue of what kind of questions you are allowed to ask.  Which stories are in “good” taste and which are not.

    The issue with what is actually printed, it goes, unfortunately much deeper than most can see or phantom it (Area 51, 9-11, etc. I will maul over those later).  An explicit freedom of expression exists.  There are well established laws to protect the press.  However, even if you try to argue you will get screwed if what you say happens to be something that does not agree with the first secretary of the party (I’m sorry, the government).

    In the good old days there was a doctrine and you had to sneak around not to get shot for thinking.  The rules were clear you could be a lamb or you could be thinking.  These days you are chastised for being un-patriotic.  There is a huge capital going into making you feel as if you are the thinking side, you are being brought up given choices and freedoms.  You feel as if by choosing you are thinking, you are free.  The duping of he society to be lambs and feel free is amazing.

    The American government got it right.  They looked back at the books saw how the Romans did and started ruling same way (see Sept 11 entry).  Here is my issue.  The black and white excuse, the good versus evil theory are popular lately, press follows.

    Main job of the press (new knitting pattern is not press, Spears’ boobs aren’t either) is to show people that what they are looking at isn’t consistent, that there are differences in color, texture, even if very subtle and to question: Are there any good reason for them?

    The moment the press starts listening to the government instead of being critical is the moment the red flags start being useless.  How can you trust something you haven’t had the time to maul over?  Plus if not for the press will most of you listen on what the White House has to say?  Will you look through pages of information or data making sure that what the government is doing is semi-consensual rather that a flat out, maximum security soup drop…  Free press anyone?