Men, the Reason for Woman vs Woman…

A set of prominent and very respected shops can be found here. They sell it all from Kebab to …. well, other stuff. Preferred if bought in bulk and the pricing isn’t that bad either. You have to have a sense of humor when to comes to the Kebab and the other stuff… It is not bad on its own but it sure could give you an heart attack if you are not careful with the dosage. It is all about curiosity!

    Today was a long day and I wanted to write something a bit more nasty, but after redoing the writing one too many times I decided for this rather insightful piece.  Idea for which I have snatched  from one of my writing completed some time ago.

    We all heard the nightmare stories about Asian (females) feet being broken and tight back at young age.  Most of us, as I did myself, thought that it was because of one or the other reason, not caring really WHY?

    What I found made me think that a large number of Asian man should be just considered perverts.  I do not mean to offend anybody, but if your fetish is about a foot the size of your fist…. OH boy, there is something seriously wrong with you.

    To my great surprise, the little footsie fetish is not really about the foot.  It is a merely an attempt at solving the totally unsolvable. What I have been told is nothing short of a touché.  The reason for Asian women pain and suffering is genetic in nature!  Yes sir, genetic!  According to my source, if or rather when the feet were broken, tied back and squeezed to the size of a fist, Asian women had to, while walking shake their arses just a little bit more.

    Am I the only one that see the problem with that theory?  I mean its like breaking Pamela’s feet not to see THE breasts.

    Happy thought: Only rich people got it done, because the poor ones had to work.  That is quite reasonable by all accounts …  I mean want to be a trophy wife …  its time to do little bit of suffering.  They need to instate that in America!  I can see the headlines already, divorce rate halved in the first year, etc.

    On the other hand, high heels came from that idea, that would explain why hooker boots are always healed.  Stupid me, I though heels and the breaks were done so girls would not run away…