Today vs Tomorrow and against Yesterday

From the time the sun starts setting till its completely gone one can see a trace of a cosmic war being thought. Glimpses of purple against phantoms of light blue sky. When its over darkness sets in and only the lights of the house make a difference. This is when I saw one of the window neighbors getting ready for dinner.

    If you were asked to choose between Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday which would you prefer?  How would you choose?  What are your priorities?  Would you even consider what am I asking of you, or would you just pick one?  And why?

    I do not like this question, because answer to it does not lead anywhere.  I am far from saying that the answer is not important but that given the answer there will not be any changes to ones life.  If forced or with “way” to much time to ponder (I am on vacation) I would choose almost always Today.

    Yesterday happened and there is little any of us can do about it.  Tomorrow is for people that do not think that Today matters and do not have the courage to make a difference Now.  Today is my kind of moment.  I can try to settle things I had no excuse to skip Yesterday, attempt to ready myself for the next day, but most importantly I have a chance to Live and be Happy.

    I was reminded some time ago that luck is defined as opportunity meeting preparation.  We all know how an opportunity looked like Yesterday, we plan on some of them to happen Tomorrow.  However unless is hits us right in the face and sometimes not even then will we see it Today.  Today, is this very short time period between Yesterday and Tomorrow, where everything is happening and all that could go wrong got synchronized.

    So how do you prepare for this magical opportunity that in some cases can make a huge difference for the rest of your life.  Is there a protocol that would guarantee success?  Many people seem to be convinced of that.  There are many books and manual written to help the common man in succeeding (“Living ‘happy’ for materialistic Idiots”, etc).  Did the people that we consider successful read any of them?  I doubt it.  They did what they where good at (loved) and the opportunity sought them out.

    I consider myself lucky.  Although I would love to sit on my butt, this won’t happen.  Primarily because, I also think that, people make opportunities by the virtue of their character and if you make enough of them, just like the mess in your room, you bound to trip over one of them.

    So which would you choose?  You think your choice matters.  Does it?  Do you?

Little Debate over Destiny and Choice

Road back home during a sunset. I have to say that light, during sunsets, after a thunderstorm is one of the most amazing to work with. I walk this way almost 5 days a week. I left my shadow there to remind myself I’m still alive and human and all I can do is stand there and stare in awe.

    We all have searched for things before.  Not looked, but searched, more or less desperately, knowing it is there and yet not being able to see it.  In case of pens, glasses, homework and that favorite screwdriver I would label it as the “meanness” of inanimate things (they just lie there, laughing at you).  What if we don’t know what we are looking for?

    I know something is off and since I do not seem to be able to find “it” within myself I have started to look around.  Is it a job, a friend, a girl, a face-up coin?  I do not know.

    Einstein once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”   Sounds like a description of a graduate chemists job, but there is little more to it, I think.

    I walk a lot, it seems to be the premise of my existence for now, to walk that is.  Although I am happy with the choices of directions I make, I sometimes wonder if I should take the train or walk straight or maybe turn and do a little loop.  Does it matter?  Probably when it comes to finding whatever I’m looking for, it does not.  How can I be sure, maybe this time it will be different?  It was not, it does not seem to be… ever.

    Some, not so long, time ago I thought what I was looking for was a companion with a soul.  Now I am not so sure of that.  Whatever “it” might be, it would have been nice if I could tell you about it.  As a side note: things have the a magical tendency to work-out in my family.

    I believe in fate.  I believe that each one of us has some destiny to achieve, but the path to it is blurry enough as to allow us to make few choices while in pursuit.  Thus the question of walking straight or turning the corner arises.  It is in my nature to ponder and sometimes stop and look both-ways, but if it is destine for me to find “it” how much will this corner choice matter?  Yet I still consider each option and consciously make a choice, will it make a difference?  I don’t know, but I will know that I have not cowered when choosing jam over marmalade.

Four Week Done, Audit of the Working Class

I have decide to start making galleries of photographs. One of them will be pictures of a paper crane just like the one on the this post in different settings. The “flyer-givers” are multiplying like xTB on B12 (Bio-chemistry joke), and some give out perfect squares. I change into cranes. If I counted correctly I have made 328 of them, till now.

    The air is cooling, traces of now plum and rotten yellow sky are giving in to the dark calm ocean of blue portion of the sky.  The place were the sun have set now looks like an ugly bruise.  I am sitting on the porch, listening to music and the crickets.  I had good food today.  In the evening I had a beer and lots of time to ponder.  Since it is “quoter” after twenty-two o’clock, it is time to write some conclusions down.

    The picture I have chosen for today is not accidental and I would be happy if I did not have to explain why it is so well fitting.  I’ve been enjoying my vacation for twenty-eight days.  I experienced many things and there is till more to go.  I’m exited, but I have also realized why some of my preferences are forming.

    I bought an English-style hat some days ago and I love it.  It comfortable, classy and I look decent in it.  Today I have gone to the same store and I have bought another one.  This one has a different color pallet, slightly different pattern and is just as conferrable.  Soon, or rather as soon as I find material in my kind of colors, I will go back and ask the craftsman to make me another one.  Why?  There are good craftsman, and there are decent ones.  Even, very good ones happen from time to time, but great ones are as rare and special as the things they produce.

    There is this “magical” quality I have mentioned before, that makes you a master in what you do.  This quality makes all the difference.  I have bought trucks-full of objects during my life.  Most of which I would categorize as “things”.  Just like the hats I have bought lately, there is maybe a knapsack-full of items I would always call by their names rather than by the category of “space-thrasher” the rest of my “things” belong to.  If I had the need for more than the “number” of hats I own, I would buy more from him.

    In anticipation:  Bottom right corner explains it all, why great teachers teach, why mathematicians do (whatever is they do) and why those hats are by far the best hats I have had.