Why is World of Warcraft (MMORPG) Addicting?

Monday trip sparked couple fond images for the future. Such as my own castle with servants and a legion of knights. The following picture is shot along the top of the castle wall showing the eight brick perspective with plants growing in the cracks. We are looking at the southern sky and as the plants we enjoyed the burning sun. Metal bars are there to block the interested ones…

    Since my Dad has a “Human Paladin” character in WoW and my brothers played the game as well, I am going to assume that you will either Google (if you are lost) or ask.  Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are cool!  WoW is kool and Wow happened to be considered very addicting, right next to awesome (borderline illegal) sex and heroin-acid high.

    The game has all the important features of a good RPG.  You can kill monsters (plenty off), you can cast colorful spells, you can collect stuff (and gold), you can band together, you can interact with other players and you can travel.  All of those are important to a game, when sewn together with great graphics and non invasive sounds make a great game system: amazing.  What I consider the tie breaker is the simple travel factor.

    Most of us are stuck.  Most of us have couple of iron-balls chained to our legs.  Most of us are loaning for something else.  Most of us …  We envy people that get to travel farther than we do.

    Let me share my consideration of the “difficulty” that is implied in travel for the common man.  Most of us have things to worry about such as (fill in the blank) and almost all are geared and fueled by money.  We can’t take a prolonged spontaneous vacation, can’t afford not to work (rent, food, (lately) gas… etc).  We are stuck in a routine life.  Food, work, food, sleep, food…

    The lucky ones get to earn enough, working themselves to death, to afford an awesome, but short vacation.  With maybe few days when they don’t have to worry about what happens in the office.  They are trying to make up for the heavy over-hours with five star hotels and all the spunk.

    Here is why I found WoW addicting.  I was stuck in school.  Mostly doing homework or studding, or grading exams, or simply teaching.  There is plenty interesting things about that kind of games.  However, the fact that you can jump on a “Zeppelin” and suddenly you are moved from a graveyard scenery to a desert to a snowy mountains, in minutes, is why I miss the life I do not have.