The Smile, The barkeep and “The” White Russian

There is a movie theater in Warsaw, in a building called “Golden Terrace”, this movie theater seems to aim at the getting richer populations with bars at every level and “selective entrance” clubs etc. Much of its looks seems tacky and expensive. I doubt anyone who actually looks would be impressed, but non the less I’m looking out a window on the top floor. The dots are curious…

    When you tired of life…  The current “status quo” is being too much.  When you are hungry for a scenery change, is showing up at a bar or at the movie theater alone problematic?  Movies, well you didn’t have anyone to go with, go stood up or something else.  You are still human, with those little problems most of us have.  You will get looks but its dark and so who cares?

    The bar is problematic on the other hand, in my humble opinion that is.  One should not drink alone.  It is a decent rule which I try to obey, with more and less successful days.  Here is where the whole thing gains a whole new gray scale.  What if the bar is empty?

    We all start feeling like strangers when we are surrounded by masses, we feel alone.  When the population density sinks, we find ourselves making any connection we can.  We make eye contact with people in empty train charts and restaurants.  We don’ want to be alone and we do not want to fight to be saved.

    I happened to be lucky this evening.  Bar was empty.  We had something in common, barkeeper and I, couple day back I have left a pile of “cranes” on one of the tables.  There was chit-chat and talks, rarely interrupted by random orders of other people.  She was warm, positive, straightforward and really, really pretty.

    What stroke me the most in her was the warmth.  That constant smile.  There is something about people that are positive that have honest smiles.  Smiles which if not displayed on their lips are visible in their eyes.  Although, as usual I made a fool of myself, I felt connected, I felt safe, I felt relaxed.

    My drink, if I can name it that way, is a white russian.  Relatively simple to make, with only three ingredient and yet I drunk only couple made right (according to my humble taste).  Not only was she very interesting and peculiar (complements) as a person and a warm human but she made the little pleasure I came to seek in hopes of my bettering life layered, proportioned and totally perfect.