Men, the Reason for Woman vs Woman…

A set of prominent and very respected shops can be found here. They sell it all from Kebab to …. well, other stuff. Preferred if bought in bulk and the pricing isn’t that bad either. You have to have a sense of humor when to comes to the Kebab and the other stuff… It is not bad on its own but it sure could give you an heart attack if you are not careful with the dosage. It is all about curiosity!

    Today was a long day and I wanted to write something a bit more nasty, but after redoing the writing one too many times I decided for this rather insightful piece.  Idea for which I have snatched  from one of my writing completed some time ago.

    We all heard the nightmare stories about Asian (females) feet being broken and tight back at young age.  Most of us, as I did myself, thought that it was because of one or the other reason, not caring really WHY?

    What I found made me think that a large number of Asian man should be just considered perverts.  I do not mean to offend anybody, but if your fetish is about a foot the size of your fist…. OH boy, there is something seriously wrong with you.

    To my great surprise, the little footsie fetish is not really about the foot.  It is a merely an attempt at solving the totally unsolvable. What I have been told is nothing short of a touché.  The reason for Asian women pain and suffering is genetic in nature!  Yes sir, genetic!  According to my source, if or rather when the feet were broken, tied back and squeezed to the size of a fist, Asian women had to, while walking shake their arses just a little bit more.

    Am I the only one that see the problem with that theory?  I mean its like breaking Pamela’s feet not to see THE breasts.

    Happy thought: Only rich people got it done, because the poor ones had to work.  That is quite reasonable by all accounts …  I mean want to be a trophy wife …  its time to do little bit of suffering.  They need to instate that in America!  I can see the headlines already, divorce rate halved in the first year, etc.

    On the other hand, high heels came from that idea, that would explain why hooker boots are always healed.  Stupid me, I though heels and the breaks were done so girls would not run away…

Liberty, Freedom of Press with Courage Gratis

This picture… I still don’t know how I feel about. It was taken on graveyard. The green stuff grew all over the main panel and the “headrest” Nothing but this face was visible. It is not eccentric, problematic nor crying for attention. Person seems deep in thought, sad but not mourning… Peculiar, I do not know the feeling in causes in me, I feel anxious looking at it, as if I should consider life too?

    There is a general issue in the US (as well as other countries).  A serious one too.  The exact same issue happens to happen in China, but there it just had reached a ridiculously high and scary level.   There is the issue of what kind of questions you are allowed to ask.  Which stories are in “good” taste and which are not.

    The issue with what is actually printed, it goes, unfortunately much deeper than most can see or phantom it (Area 51, 9-11, etc. I will maul over those later).  An explicit freedom of expression exists.  There are well established laws to protect the press.  However, even if you try to argue you will get screwed if what you say happens to be something that does not agree with the first secretary of the party (I’m sorry, the government).

    In the good old days there was a doctrine and you had to sneak around not to get shot for thinking.  The rules were clear you could be a lamb or you could be thinking.  These days you are chastised for being un-patriotic.  There is a huge capital going into making you feel as if you are the thinking side, you are being brought up given choices and freedoms.  You feel as if by choosing you are thinking, you are free.  The duping of he society to be lambs and feel free is amazing.

    The American government got it right.  They looked back at the books saw how the Romans did and started ruling same way (see Sept 11 entry).  Here is my issue.  The black and white excuse, the good versus evil theory are popular lately, press follows.

    Main job of the press (new knitting pattern is not press, Spears’ boobs aren’t either) is to show people that what they are looking at isn’t consistent, that there are differences in color, texture, even if very subtle and to question: Are there any good reason for them?

    The moment the press starts listening to the government instead of being critical is the moment the red flags start being useless.  How can you trust something you haven’t had the time to maul over?  Plus if not for the press will most of you listen on what the White House has to say?  Will you look through pages of information or data making sure that what the government is doing is semi-consensual rather that a flat out, maximum security soup drop…  Free press anyone?

Why is World of Warcraft (MMORPG) Addicting?

Monday trip sparked couple fond images for the future. Such as my own castle with servants and a legion of knights. The following picture is shot along the top of the castle wall showing the eight brick perspective with plants growing in the cracks. We are looking at the southern sky and as the plants we enjoyed the burning sun. Metal bars are there to block the interested ones…

    Since my Dad has a “Human Paladin” character in WoW and my brothers played the game as well, I am going to assume that you will either Google (if you are lost) or ask.  Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are cool!  WoW is kool and Wow happened to be considered very addicting, right next to awesome (borderline illegal) sex and heroin-acid high.

    The game has all the important features of a good RPG.  You can kill monsters (plenty off), you can cast colorful spells, you can collect stuff (and gold), you can band together, you can interact with other players and you can travel.  All of those are important to a game, when sewn together with great graphics and non invasive sounds make a great game system: amazing.  What I consider the tie breaker is the simple travel factor.

    Most of us are stuck.  Most of us have couple of iron-balls chained to our legs.  Most of us are loaning for something else.  Most of us …  We envy people that get to travel farther than we do.

    Let me share my consideration of the “difficulty” that is implied in travel for the common man.  Most of us have things to worry about such as (fill in the blank) and almost all are geared and fueled by money.  We can’t take a prolonged spontaneous vacation, can’t afford not to work (rent, food, (lately) gas… etc).  We are stuck in a routine life.  Food, work, food, sleep, food…

    The lucky ones get to earn enough, working themselves to death, to afford an awesome, but short vacation.  With maybe few days when they don’t have to worry about what happens in the office.  They are trying to make up for the heavy over-hours with five star hotels and all the spunk.

    Here is why I found WoW addicting.  I was stuck in school.  Mostly doing homework or studding, or grading exams, or simply teaching.  There is plenty interesting things about that kind of games.  However, the fact that you can jump on a “Zeppelin” and suddenly you are moved from a graveyard scenery to a desert to a snowy mountains, in minutes, is why I miss the life I do not have.

Castle Walls, Drinks, Wall-E and Dancing…

Town: Czersk, Castle of the “Mazowiecki” Princes. Ruins really. Three towers with access to the top floors a section of the wall and moat. Nothing very special as far as ruins go in Europe, but defiantly nice to look at. I miss the sight of medieval age constructions. If I become rich, very, I would like to build or buy a castle and live in one. This in on my to-do list, right next to finding a job…

    I had time to blog and way to much time to ponder about stuff…  It all changed for one day.  Today’s day was what I hope anybodies vacation is like.  It started with disaster and ended many hours later.  This was a true day of rest, a vacation and loads of fun.

    So I was up minutes after four, by ten after five I was already walking to the bus station.  Half an hour hike later, when the sun was just starting to warm up I was waiting for the bus.  It was surprising full, I was not expecting that many people.  Simple mistake, people do not get summers off.  Bummer…

    Ms. Wabbit (name change for privacy reasons) and I have met, together, on another bus and missed the stop by a lot.  Five kilometers hick through fields and we got to the ruins (see above) walked to the top of the towers, pondered about pushing each-other off, life and medieval times.  Hour hick back later to a stop, we were ridding a bus back to Warsaw.

    There we did another trip across town, this time to a park.  Set around contemplating about friends and past-history.  Some sweets (read: decent food) later we decided to stop looking at dragon-flies and move from this very nice shaded area, again back on city-train.  In between I manage to fold couple cranes.

    Drinks (white russian and a LI-tea) were followed by laughing session over the “rabbit clip” preceding the feature.  Wall-E started.  Wall-E (it is a movie) that was nice to see again.  I have to say that I thought I saw the movie, but now that I saw it again and had a chance to bounce some observations I understand a little more about.

    Day was getting ready for the sunset, couple beers and a business plan later, it got dark.  The DJ played the music way to loud, it got hard to talk and so that seized.  Night, plenty of lights lame people around, dancing sounded like a good idea.  So we danced, techno bounced around the bar walls. We danced till there was more sweat on the floor then on us.  Walked to the metro. The End.